Dear Mr Francois Vermeulen and staff members of Advanced College

First I would like to thank you all for support and assistance in helping me get through  these last two years of my schooling career.

I feel this home schooling method that is offered/allowed can make any student become a lot more independent and confident about themselves not just academically but socially as well. 

There are reasonably small groups of students per grade which is not bad at all as it means that everyone can get along with each other and help each other where necessary hopefully without making anyone else feel/become jealous, mean or envious.

The workload is also not too bad as you can work at your own pace within your own time without having to feel any pressure. The tutors/teachers of the school are also always more than welcome to help you where necessary with your work and if they can't, then they will definitely try and make a plan to get it sorted instead of leaving you stranded to figure it out by your own etc. If you have any type of social, academic or emotional problem. The tutors/teachers are more than happy to sit with the students and help them through it completely in any possible way!

The fees of the school are also reasonably cheap compared to other mainstream private schoos which can charge expensively to parents. Advanced is not like that.

I would recommend this to many others students out between Grades 00-12 who are struggling to cope or fit in either academically, socially or even emotionally as any of other Advanced College teachers and students at the different branches would most definitely be more than happy to assist and help whenever and wherever necessary with all their students. 

It had really helped me throughout these to become more and more better as a student, friend, mentor and good son to my parents! Thank you so very much!
Warmest regards.
Shivesh Singh Pather

Grade 12 Midrand

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