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The Foundation Phase Gr RR to 3 includes three subjects for Grade R, and four compulsory subjects for Grade 1 to 3, namely:

Home Language

First Additional Language (only Grade 1 to 3)


Life Skills.

The Foundation Phase includes the following additional subject:

Bible Studies

The Grade R programme follows the Curriculum as set out by the Department of Education.  Through play and active participation, the children will learn in a stimulating environment both indoors and outdoors.  The curriculum will stimulate creativity; challenge their curiosity and develop all their perceptual and pre-learning skills.

One of our core objectives is to meet the needs of the children during this critical phase of their development.  The Grade R classes of 20 per class, each has a qualified teacher and teacher assistant.  The cornerstone of our program will be a sound moral value system that respects all cultures and religions represented in our country.

Our school thrives on parental involvement and we encourage you to know how and what your child is learning.  A warm, loving relationship between school and home is in the interest of your child.  Please be assured that your children’s happiness and growth and development are very important to us.  We aim to help them reach their full potential in every area of development and therefore welcome co-operation from parents at every level. We aim to become a model of best practice with regard to Early Childhood Development in teaching and learning in South Africa.

Standard Music activities during the year are presented with the option of additional professional training.

Extracurricular Activities:

Various kinds of activities will be planned throughout the year and parents will be asked in advance to give consent. We will either provide our own transport or hire buses.


It is important for a parent/guardian to ensure that his/her child is really ready to start Grade R. Children usually start Grade R in the calendar year of their sixth birthday. If a learner does not make proper progress, the learner can be held back and repeat an academic year. Such a learner may only repeat one year in the Foundation Phase (including Grade R), and learners must therefore not stay in the Foundation Phase for more than five years.

The formal assessment for the Foundation Phase consists of monitoring progress (Grade R) or assessment tasks per term (Grade 1 to 3)

Formal assessment in the Foundation Phase


Continuous assessment components
(March to November)

Guidelines (Grade R) and pass requirements (Grade 1 – 3)


Continuous SBAs – no examinations or tests are written.

  • Home Language: 50%
  • Mathematics: 40%

1 – 3

Continuous SBAs – no examinations or tests are written.

  • Home Language: 50%
  • First Additional Language: 40%
  • Mathematics: 40%
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