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We offer classes and the choice of e-learning to incentivise the learning process and have students engage in their passions helping them find their career path. We have passion driven teachers working full time to help our students reach their full potential.

We are registered with the exam board, SACAI (South African Comprehensive Assessment Institute) registration number A-1046-16, who are recognised by UMALUSI. Plus we are a British Cambridge tutor centre and an IMPAK home schooling tutor centre.  Also registered with SAGE PASTEL & FASSET SETA as SVA0020.

We believe in giving students a full education, not just that which is offered in a curriculum but that which is offered by giving opportunities to take it another step further and be prepared for the business world.

We offer computerised training from grade 8 in Sage Pastel Accounting, opening doors for a career in Accountancy, Bookkeeping, Administration and much more with professional certification.

We also offer flexi-school to complete a PPL (Private Pilot’s License) and give the opportunity to build up hours towards a commercial license during school years. Follow your dreams in becoming a PILOT early in life. Why wait?

Want to become a professional sportsman in Golf, Swimming, Tennis and more? Receive professional training and compete in competitions during school years. We currently have golfers from Grade 9 playing in all national tournaments as well as a national swimmer!


 Register now: email us at: HEAD OFFICE - TEL 086 126 8883  or 072 629 9705


ONS VISIE - Om ouers te ondersteun om leiding te gee aan hul kinders vir hul toekoms, toegerus om hul belangstellings te vind en daardeur beroepe te volg om ons toekomstige leiers te word.

Skoliere het die voordeel om enige van die volgende opleiding te voltooi gedurende skooljare:

Word n Vlieënier en voltooi u Privaat Vlieg Lisensie en bou ure vir u Kommersiële lisensie voor die einde van Graad 12

Word n Professionele sport ster en neem deel aan professionele opleiding en kompetisies in enige sport soos Golf, Tennis en Swem gedurende skooljare. Ons het tans golf spelers van graad 9 tot 12 wat in alle nasionale kompetisies deelneem in skooltyd, plus n nasionale swemmer wat ook aan alle swem kompetisies deelneem, al is dit in skooltyd. 

Kry u Internasionale sertifikaat in SAGE PASTEL rekeningkunde en wees gereed vir n loopbaan as rekenmeester, boekhouer en vele meer, voor die einde van Graad 12.




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